Scarlet (scarletkatze) wrote in md_md,

Scarlet: Kyaa, haa!
Rufus: Oh.
Rufus: Hi.
Scarlet: Uhg! Lighten up, twerp! For the heir to the most powerful individual on the Planet, you sure are a stiff.
Scarlet: -shakes head-
Rufus: Excuse me? How dare you speak to me like that!
Scarlet: -scoffs- Oh, like you're so special. It's not like it took intelligence and hard work for you to get your position.
Rufus: *eyes narrow* It's taken a lot more than you will ever know.
Scarlet: Ooooh! A put down, hmmm? I'm the backbown of this corporation's safety, y'know! I am the engineering genius!
Scarlet: -cackles once more, more obnoxious this time-
Rufus: A put down? Please. Why would I stoop down to your level?
Scarlet: -rests her hands on her hips and glares at you- Of course not. You always have daddy to cry to! Kya, haa, haa!
Rufus: *snorts* As if.
Scarlet: Feh. You wouldn't be fit to lead this company anyway. You slack-offs simply couldn't compete with the touch of an intelligent woman.
Rufus: I'm more fit than you think. All you seem capable of doing is standing around and insulting your superiors.
Scarlet: -growls, she's tempted give Rufus and swift punch to the gut, but considers her job...-
Rufus *calmly raises his eyebrow* Well, is there something you'd like to say?
Scarlet: -tilts her head and grins evilly- In the end, you're just the same as Palmer. Replaceable.
Rufus: I wouldn't try speaking to me like that again if I were you. Someday, your job will be in my hands.
Scarlet: -her grin becomes all the more sinister, and she waves her hand to the side in indifference- Perhaps. Someday. But if that day comes, you'll realize you need me.
Scarlet: Understand? I don't need you. You need me!
Scarlet: -she covers her mouth and laughs loudly- Kyaa, haa, haa!
Rufus: *ALMOST winces at the laugh, but manages to keep a straight face*
Rufus: I need you less than you might think.
Scarlet: -her grin swiftly disappears, and she glares at Rufus once more- How dare you! My helicoptors get you where you need to go! My high-powered assault rifles and machine pistols protect you! My Gelnikas bring you all of the effeminate hair products that you need... -smirks at her little jab...-
Rufus: Your Gelnikas are worthless pieces of shit that could use a good deal of renovations and updates. Your helicopters are slow and annoying. Your machine pistols have too much of a kick to them, and your high-powered assualt rifles have too much appeal for my Turks.
Scarlet: Hmph! My Gelnikas are lovely pieces of art!'s not like you know how to operate a firearm... -grumbles-
Rufus: *eyes glint mysteriously* Don't I?
Scarlet: And as for the Turks, it isn't my fault the Peace Preservation programme doesn't know how to equip their personnel... -trails off-
Scarlet: What? A little .22? I'm only mildly impressed, chump!
Rufus: *pulls his jacket and duster aside to reveal his shotgun*
Scarlet: -she gets a glimpse of the heat Rufus is packing and hesitates-
Scarlet: -she forces another smirk and giggles- There's a difference between owning a shotgun, and knowing how to fire one, y'know...
Rufus: *points it at the wall and fires, missing her head by mere centimeteres and blowing a whole in the wall*
Scarlet: -Scarlet's eyes widen, and a slight mewling noise escapes her lips-
Rufus: *smirks, and turns, shoulders it* Have a nice day.
Scarlet: -she hisses audibly- Point is..! I make important tools that you need..! -Scarlet trails off on a tangent-
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