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The Fighting Continues

Palmer: Whoa, yeh' hear that? It's the sound of my aircrafts not being made.
Scarlet: Woah! You hear that? It's the sound of thousands of people dying in the slums because you're consuming all of their rations.
Scarlet: Kyaahaa!
Palmer: Touche, Craft-Woman.
Scarlet: Hah! If you like, I could design some sort of multitask fitness machine with a refridgerator attached to it. And I'll even make it fly, seeing as how you're so enamored with planes.
Scarlet: If you like, I could probably even turn it into a mean rocket. Can't be half as hard as you Space Program nitwits make it out to be.
Palmer: Ah .. -- Well .. -- That is to say..
Palmer: ~,~
Palmer: Touche, Blond!
Scarlet: -hisses- At least I have hair! >.<
Palmer: I have hair too.. Kinda..
Scarlet: You have... three little puffs.
Scarlet: Not impressed.
Scarlet: Maybe you need a Shinra brand hair tonic? I hear they're quite popular amongst old fogies desperate to catch the nearest Honeybee Inn whore such as yourself.
Palmer: Oh that's a low blow!
Scarlet: But that's not my department. I just make toys to kill people with. ^.~
Palmer: Speaking of blows -- What've you done to our precious Heidegger??
Scarlet: -stares, appalled-
Scarlet: How dare you!
Palmer: -beams nice and big, pleased-
Palmer: Yep, my chance to shine was.. Imminent.
Palmer: -action poses-
Scarlet: -slaps you across the face!- Idiot!
Palmer: Ow.. -rubs face-
Palmer: What whuzzat for?
Palmer: For defending myself verbally? -frowns-
Scarlet: -growls, kicks Palmer in the crotch-
Palmer: OH...
Scarlet: Sexual favors!? You godammn perverted old bag! >.<
Palmer: -inhales sharply- That... Was... Not... Oh -- Ughh.. N- Needed..
Palmer: -falls over-
Rufus: *pokes his head out the door* What on earth is all... this... noise?
Scarlet: -leans down over Palmer and growls again-
Palmer: Ow...
Scarlet: -looks up to see Rufus- Stay out of this, chump!
Rufus: *glare* Excuse me?
Scarlet: -to Palmer- Aren't you the one playing princess with Rufus' daddy?
Palmer: -gets up, panting- I'll.. Never be able to reproduce after that
Rufus: *mumbles* Thank god.
Scarlet: -kicks Palmer in the side with her point red heeled shoes- Shaddup!
Palmer: Owie, you're actually beginning to hurt, ya'know..
Rufus: *pulls Scarlet away from poor, beaten Palmer* Hey!
Scarlet: -struggles against Rufus, attempting to claw Palmer's eyes out!- Kyaaahhhh!!
Rufus: *pins Scarlet front-first to the wall, holding her hands behind her back* Lay off of him!
Scarlet: Lemme go, twerp! I'll kill him!
Palmer: Ya'know, Scarlet, I could throw out more sexual scenarios involving you and other ShinRa employees.. But.. I kind of enjoy breathing -frowns-
Rufus: If you don't stop this foolishness this instant, I'll have security escort you out of the building.
Scarlet: -stops struggling, breathing heavily- Bring it, buddy.
Rufus: I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you.
Palmer: Oghhh -- I think I need a splint, or something
Palmer: -grimaces-
Rufus: *looks over his shoulder at Palmer* Do you need me to call some help for you?
Scarlet: -her eyes wide, and she screams furiously- I'll kill you both!
Palmer: Oh God, keep here away from me!!
Rufus: *is startled by the sudden amount of noise and covers his ears*
Palmer: -ducks down behind a chair-
Rufus: *consquently releasing Scarlet*
Palmer: Oh... No..
Scarlet: -stumbles forward, then stares at Palmer-
Palmer: Uh, uh.. Hi!
Palmer: Well, look at the time wouldjya?
Rufus: *realizes what just happened* ......oops.
Scarlet: Hah... heh... I don't need this... Not from you two... -she huffs, then stands up, straightening out her dress-
Palmer: I.. I've got an appointment and need to get going!
Palmer: -walks away..-
Rufus: I... um... have a.... thing.
Palmer: -whistles-
Rufus: *inches away slowly*
Scarlet: Oh, really?
Scarlet: Coward!
Palmer: -breaks into a run-
Rufus: *glares*
Rufus: *stalks forward* Excuse me?
Scarlet: Grr.... -hisses, then lunged at Rufus-
Palmer: -looks back-
Scarlet: I'll disembowl you, and then I'll use Palmer as a raft! >.<
Rufus: *good reflexes aside, isn't quite fast enough to dodge her*
Palmer: Err.. Burn'er, Rufus!! Fire does the trick!
Palmer: Or.. Or a cross!
Rufus: I don't have any materia on me!
Palmer: Holy water..?
Rufus: *glares* Get her off me!
Scarlet: -glances off of Rufus, her should impacting his side... she then veers to her left and into a wall, collapsing-
Scarlet: (ah, typos... shoulder..)
Rufus: *blinks*
Palmer: -scurries to the scene-
Palmer: Scarlet, Heidegger is waiting for you in your office -in a sing-songy voice-
Scarlet: -breathes heavily, beginning to calm down-
Scarlet: -glares at Palmer- Don't... start... with me, manwhore!
Rufus: *glares at Scarlet, lifting his duster JUST enough to show her his shotgun before letting it drop* Don't. Mess with me. Again.
Palmer: -mumbles- Sure didn't complain about my manwhoring last time...
Rufus: *phs goes off* Shit. *gives Palmer a look* Quit pissing her off if you want to live. *turns to Scarlet* And you. Get your act together.
Scarlet: -quickly forgets Rufus' threat with the firearm as her anger has been rekindled... she tackles Palmer to the floor and grips his face with her hands, digging her long red nails into his flesh- Why... won't... you... just... Die!?
Palmer: Ow.. OW!!
Rufus: *pulls her off of him, calling security*
Scarlet: Kyaahhhg!!
Scarlet: You're a lucky bastard, Palmer!
Rufus: *security intervenes, and Rufus, PHS still going off, bolts for the elevator*
Scarlet: A lucky, fat bastard!
Scarlet: -Scarlet is dragged away and sedated...-
Palmer: Phewwww..
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