General 'Hangman' Heydrich Stroud (hangmanstroud) wrote in md_md,
General 'Hangman' Heydrich Stroud

This is an ultimatum issued to the insurgent leader known as 'Sears.' If the leader of the insurgents refuses cooperate and will not surrender himself within the next 48 hours, my forces shall begin uprooting and, hence, liquidating all partisans, suspected partisans, and anyone who aides them immediately.

Please give this offer careful deliberation, as it will not be repeated. Consider the lives of your comrades, and especially consider the lives of the millions of innocents you put at risk with this nonsense.

Do not allow your petty 'pride' or your callousness cloud your judgment, for my patience is finite. You have 48 hours to respond.

Stroud out.
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