palmer_ (palmer_) wrote in md_md,

Palmer: So... I, uh -- I require your assistance..
Scarlet: Ohh? Is that so? How convenient!
Scarlet: -brushes her hair to the side, grinning sinisterly-
Palmer: Yes, I need aircrafts..
Scarlet: Kyahaha... you whine and you whine and you whine...
Scarlet: What kind of 'aircrafts,' lard-for-brains?
Palmer: Things that can be used to easily maneuver through the slums
Palmer: Preferably with some armor piercing projectiles..
Scarlet: -sits down, crosses her legs, and ponders...-
Scarlet: What for? You got some bunkers to bust?
Palmer: Well, not I..
Palmer: Stroud needs'um.
Scarlet: Ah, I see. Mr. Wet Pants n' Goose Bumps, hmm? So Heidegger's underlings are bossing you around? Kya, haa, haa!
Palmer: I guess..
Palmer: -yawns-
Scarlet: Aww, poor Palmer...
Scarlet: -takes out a sheet of paper and begins scribbling on it...-
Scarlet: -...continues scribbling, humming softly to herself-
Palmer: Yes, well, you see.. I've been made head of the aero-divisions in Heideggers apartment. Currently, Stroud has asked me to get some aircrafts for him so he can.. Use them to his own liking. I will have no part in Strouds ultimatum or his plans because I have plans of my own. Your assistance for aircrafts will be necessary in the near future..
Scarlet: -mumbles to herself, still scribbling, she sticks her tongue out slightly from between her lips, not yet satisfied with her design...- Plans, you say..?
Palmer: Yep! -grins-
Palmer: -takes a seat-
Scarlet: -uncrosses her legs, then recrosses, scribbling furiously as she is suddenlt stuck with inspiration-
Palmer: Whatchya drawin'?
Scarlet: Can.. you... look up for me..? -grinning mischievously-
Palmer: Er.. Alright..
Palmer: -looks up-
Scarlet: -squints at your face, studying it, then starts scribbling again, giggling to herself- Kyehehehe...
Palmer: C.. Can I look stop looking up now?
Scarlet: -stops sribbling for a second... then blinks...- Ahaha... No.
Scarlet: -goes back to scribbling-
Palmer: -hums..-
Scarlet: -breathes in deeply, places down pencil, and shows you her illustration-
Palmer: -looks in the direction of the illustration..-
Scarlet: -smirks-
Palmer: -gazes at it-
Palmer: -falls over laughing-
Palmer: Bwahahaha!!
Scarlet: -stares, shocked- Wha..?
Scarlet: -grumbles- It's you, you idiot!!
Palmer: I know, that's why it's funny.
Scarlet: -crosses arms- Hmph! You're taking the fun out of this.. -blows her bangs out of her face and sulks-
Palmer: I blame the lack of sleep and food, lately.
Scarlet: Well? Is it... sufficient, lard-for-brains?
Palmer: Ssshhhhhyyyyuuuurrrreee...
Scarlet: Aww, hadn't eaten a twinkie in fifteen minutes?
Palmer: Haven
Palmer: Haven't eaten dinner in a few days -frown-
Palmer: -lights a cigar..-
Scarlet: Well, it certainly doesn't show... -grimaces at those man-breasts you're sporting-
Palmer: Eh.. I retain water?
Scarlet: ...that gives me and idea for those bladders they put in oil ships to hold the oil in case the ship wrecks... hmmm...
Scarlet: Anyway...
Scarlet: -swiftly replaces her illustration tools back from whence they came..-
Palmer: -stretches-
Scarlet: So... uhmm... how's the uh... hmm..
Scarlet: Feh. You better appreciate this. -gets up, stretches, adjusts her dress, and leaves before Palmer can make this anymore more awkward-
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