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Mako Dawn, Mako Dusk

Final Fantasy VII Roleplaying for the truly distraught...

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(Note: This page, and the community itself, is based on [in my opinion] the best FFVII role-playing community ever made, Peace_Makers, which unfortunately died sometime last year. If we can ever recreate an ounce of the old community’s greatness, this RP is going to be neat.)

The joining application is at the bottom.
If you don't think that you will have enough time for this RPG then don't apply!

Plot/Storyline: This is an AU (Alternate Universe) RPG. That means that its storyline and events are completely driven by the players who sign up, and isn't restricted to all of the plot details established during Final Fantasy VII. It is strongly encouraged for all players to not just react to events, but also create them. For the purpose of establishing a general timeframe for the game, it will be taking place somewhere around the start of FFVII. That would mean that the resistance movement, Avalanche, is active, Sephiroth is on the bout, and Shin-Ra is pursuing its own postwar mischief. Browsing the group's history is recommended to have a full grasp on the RP's story.


"Basic Stuff:
1. Players will be allowed, and STRONGLY encouraged, to play the role of their character and display the personality of which the best they see fit. That means, for example, that we will not moderate or restrict a player if they were to maliciously attack or insult another character, as long as it isn't directed at the player OOC (out of character). It provides much more depth to the community when all aspects of characters are pursued to their absolute fullest. However, obvious exploitations of this rule will be treated accordingly.
2. ALL out-of-character remarks should be enclosed within a special punctuation, via that be brackets '[]' or asterix '*'.
3. Character journals must be updated at least once a week, unless the moderators are notified prior to an extended leave.
4. Rules are subject to change as needed.
5. If your character posts adult or non-worksafe material, use an LJ-cut with a warning.

Regarding Posts:
2. Emails, and private online or offline notes for other characters should be posted in the Community, behind an LJ-cut, with a note as to who they are for. If you do not know how to use an LJ-cut, refer here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
3. Private entries should be behind an LJ-cut and marked as "Private".
4. If you want to lock a post to specific other characters, LJ-cut the post with the note "Locked to [Whomever]". Said person or persons must be on your character's friends list.
5. If you roleplay a scene, post a log to the community. If you post a log, please place it behind a cut-tag, as some people prefer not to be spoiled with OOC information, and it saves on space since most logs are fairly long. If you do not understand this rule, please speak with a moderator.

Regarding Icons:
Icons are strongly preferred, but not required. If you use one though, whether it be a real photograph, drawing, picture, whatever. Just make sure it's remotely related to your character!

++Prove Yourself!++

For every character you apply for, you are required to submit the following:

1.) An example of a journal entry for that character (this may be used as their first post)
2.) Where you are hoping to go with this character. e.g. Who are they most closely tied to and to what faction do they owe their loyalty to, if any, at the start of the game? Also, where are they physically located at the start of the game eg Junon, Midgar, Costa del Sol, etc?
The above should be your first post.

We are interested in experimenting and expanding the RPG in a variety of ways, one of which would be through the use of an ‘organization’ type system. This would allow independent ‘groups’ of people within the RP to effectively operate independently. This is especially important for AVALANCHE, which is yet to be formed. If you choose members of AVALANCHE especially, or if you wish to be the leader (Barret) I will discuss ways to set up this system with you through messenger.

We will also try to make things as specific as possible. If the Shin-Ra military is launching an action of some sort, specific campaigns would be planned, described, and interactively enacted to add just another level to the RP.

++Characters You Can Have++

We are accepting applications for the following characters:

--If you don't see it under 'Characters we already have', then it is most likely acceptable. We will also be accepting original characters of your own that were never in FFVII, upon the approval of some very important member. Below, however, are characters we are especially looking for at this moment.
President Shin-Ra
AVALANCHE characters Barret, Biggs, Jeesie, others.. FFVII main characters such as Cloud, etc. (refer to the above explanation of 'organizations')
Various Shin-Ra Employees (shall be regarded as original characters, so give specific information about your character within your application. We need members of Palmer's airforce, members of the military, things like that. If you don't have a specific idea, just say generally 'military' or something else, and we'll help put you in a suitable spot.
Cid Highwind (Regarded as a Shin-Ra employee for now)

We already have the following:
(OC) Stroud

~*~*~Official MD_MD RPG Application~*~*~
This form will be very general, and you will not be required to answer everything. Providing information for any of the inquiries that follow, though, will be very helpful.

MSN Messenger:

Character Choice (You may have multiple characters):
Any specific information about the character of your choice personality modifications that you feel worth mentioning:
Any background information (Remember, this is AU) that you would like to mention, or possible events that could occur with your character choice. Things like that:
Other stuff.. If anything:

What grasp do you have of FFVII’s storyline? Have you played through the entire game before?
What type of enthusiasm do you hold for the character you wish to play? Is he/she your favorite?
Have you ever done a LiveJournal RPG before? If so, which ones? Provide links and character names please, if possible.
Are you somewhat familiar with Livejournal? (Note that it isn’t required if you have Rped or if you are familiar with Livejournal/played through FFVII, things like that. It will give us information on what information we need to pass on to you, of course.):
Have you done any RPing before? If yes, what format was it in? (e.g. script, 1st person present, 1 person past, 3 person present, 3 person past, etc)

Comments, suggestions, questions?

Alright. Good! Just copy/paste the above application into an e-mail and send it to ShinraSoldier3@gmail.com
I will reply or (most likely, and preferred) contact you through one of your messenger addresses and discuss the details with you. --and help you set up your Livejournal account. If you have any questions, you can contact
AIM: LordDemos5
..MSN: ShinraSoldier1@hotmail.com
Good moderator, if I’m not there:
MSN: rusherz@hotmail.com
Make sure to go to this page. Once accepted, you will be expected to reply to the post with the information requested.
Happy roleplaying.