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Mako Dawn, Mako Dusk

Final Fantasy VII Roleplaying for the truly distraught...

8/1/05 05:24 pm - something_son - Mod Post: Would you morons read these fucking things?

Two communities you need to join. This goes for EVERYBODY.

Join: md_md_budget. Also, you MUST JOIN md_md_ooc. This is where all the mod posts, and the explaination of why you must join md_md_budget will go. We've got some cool stuff planned, but you don't get to participate. All players have one week from today (that is, until Monday, August 8th) to join both communities, or you'll be replaced. I mean it. Shut up, heidegger_. XD

Also, you need to make sure you have everybody on your friends list. If you don't have all players on your friends list, you're going to have a damn hard time keeping track of everything going on. All three communities need to be on your friends list as well. Just to make sure you all know who's supposed to be where, here's a list of players, grabbed from the list of members of md_md:


Everybody has until FRIDAY (August 5th, 2005) to update their friends list, and post their first post in their journals. I mean. When I get to the library Saturday morning, I'd better see that all you wonderful, dedicated people have done as asked. It's not like I'm asking you to send me millions of dollars. No. Just do it, okay? We know best.

All right. I'm done yelling and threatening. I hope you all have as good a night as I'm going too. XD

7/30/05 06:40 am - heidegger_

Memo to both Eichmann/PalmerCollapse )

7/28/05 10:33 pm - palmer_

Whoa, no fightingCollapse )

Scarlet's SketchCollapse )

7/28/05 08:11 pm - palmer_

Palmer and Stroud have a chatCollapse )

7/28/05 07:13 pm - palmer_

Note sent to ScarletCollapse )

7/28/05 06:27 pm - heidegger_

Letter addressed to Turk CarrisaCollapse )

7/28/05 05:56 am - heidegger_

Directive of the 28thCollapse )

7/27/05 10:21 pm - hangmanstroud

Ultimatum to the insurgent leader in MidgarCollapse )

7/27/05 08:15 pm - palmer_ - The Fighting Continues

Rufus is dragged into the fightCollapse )

7/27/05 08:05 pm - scarletkatze

Scarlet risks job, left to smoulderCollapse )
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