heidegger_ (heidegger_) wrote in md_md,

Due to the offensive nature of the terrorist organization that goes by the name 'AVALANCHE', and due to their refusal of the acceptance for the ultimatum that would have resolved this conflict peacefully, I entitle myself full war-time authority over Midgar's Peace Preserving forces, including all local civil-police bodies. Until the whereabouts of these criminals are discovered, the construction of Midgar into a fortress shall commence immediately.

..Due to the vastness of my current responsibilities, I resign Peace Preservation's control over the aero divisions to the head of Shin-Ra's Space Aero-flight programme, Palmer. He shall commence construction on all provisional aircraft required for the protection of Midgar's citizenry. A temporary mandatory recruitment directive may also soon be necessary to accommodate these expansions, prior to the President and Mayor's approval.

The terrorists, once these provisions have completed, will no longer have the ability to carry out offensive actions and therefore will be left with no other choice but capitulation.

It is important for all residents of Midgar to know that I, Head of Shin-Ra's primary Peace-Keeping body and therefore responsible for the complete and unconditional safety of all of Midgar's residents, will unrelentently dissemble any attempted threats that could deter a normal and peaceful lifestyle. Citizens of Midgar should never be forced to live with the fear and panic these criminals are attempting to cause. Be advised never to succumb to whatever treacherous lies they may spread. They will stop at nothing to destroy our homes, murder our fellow citizens, and demonize our culture and ways of living just to spread some mystical hypocritical nonsense.

Expansion of this Directive may be required, pending the President's approval.
Signed, Gerhard Heidegger, 5:54 Midgar Standard Time
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