palmer_ (palmer_) wrote in md_md,

Stroud: I may require some assistance from air units as my forces search the city for insurgent havens.
Palmer: Oh, will you?
Stroud: Specifically, from smaller air units that can effectively fly through the city scape. Obviously they would need to be somewhat maneuverable.
Palmer: You may have to wait..
Palmer: My entire air force consists of beat up helicopters and one fighter crashed into the Bone Village.
Palmer: Not a worry though, I just sent an order form of sorts to Scarlet asking for new aircrafts to be manufactured for our uses.
Stroud: -nods-
Stroud: I don't require anything too sophisticated. Merely a few squadrons with search lights and perhaps armor-piercing guns that can work in sync with my ground units.
Stroud: I suppose you would need to speak further about these matters with Heidegger and Scarlet. However, such assistance from the air branch will be a considerable contribution to our aims.
Palmer: I'll be sure to do that.
Stroud: ...if Scarlet refuses to cooperate, perhaps some of those helicoptors can be refurbished. I can supply sufficient firepower if necessary. -crosses arms and ponders-
Palmer: I can talk her into cooperating..
Palmer: When needed I can be fairly convincing.
Stroud: Right. Stroud out.
Palmer: Alright..
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