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Mako Dawn, Mako Dusk

Final Fantasy VII Roleplaying for the truly distraught...

7/26/05 07:55 pm - palmer_ - I'm Still Hurting

Palmer and Scarlet Have an EncounterCollapse )

7/26/05 09:19 am - lead_insurgent

Message for my comrades: Spread the wordCollapse )

7/25/05 12:29 am - heidegger_

Letter sent DIRECTLY to StroudCollapse )

7/24/05 11:42 pm - lead_insurgent - I pronounce a State of Insurgency!

A message to all of ShinraCollapse )

7/23/05 11:53 pm - palmer_

A Note To HeideggerCollapse )

He was required to know this.

7/23/05 11:53 pm - heidegger_ - Posting on the community with Semagic

There seems to be some confusion on how to go about actually posting on the community. Make sure you're a member (click here to join), login to your Semagic account, and look at the very bottom of the program. You'll see an option that let you select your 'Journal:', next to that you'll see your username. Simply click on the box and change that to our LJ community, md_md. If you have any problems, as always, contact me via AIM: LordDemos5

7/22/05 11:47 pm - palmer_

Response To HeideggerCollapse )

Hey-hey! Kids, that would be the response to Uncle Heideggy's remarks.

7/23/05 06:36 pm - heidegger_ - Example #2: How you should post logs!

On the subject line, put the names of the parties involved in your log (characters, or entire organizations) . In this case, I would have put 'Heidegger, Sephiroth, Barret, Rufass log'.

(Summary of the log goes here.)
A nice conversation with a rebel. With mild pretty-boy antics, too.

(lj-cut goes here)

Example LogCollapse )

Understand? That's the format I expect logs to be posted in. Now start making logs! I'll arrange meetings and things very soon, too. We'll post those logs.

7/23/05 07:29 am - heidegger_ - Example #1: How I send a personal (IC) letter to Palmer

Alright, watch this...

Personal Letter to PalmerCollapse )

Alright, you see that!? You simply enclose the letter within lj-cuts, pretty simple stuff. Lj-cuts are built into Semagic, it's on the bar three spaces to the left of the big 'A'. Lj-cuts with text means you can specify the title name of your cut, the title for my letter being 'Personal Letter to Palmer'. On the user-info page there's also a link to an FAQ article if you need further explanation. That will be how you will 'send' (IC) private letters/e-mail/information to each other. Only you and the person you address your letter to may reply!!

7/23/05 06:31 am - heidegger_ - Everyone read this!!!

Alright. As you, for lack of a better term, people already know, for the time being Uncle Heideggy will be moderating this popsicle stand. But don't let either the moderating part of that sentence or the uncle make you think that you're in for the smooth ride! Because, you know.. Me being Heidegger and all... You're not! This ride will be as smooth as my broken beard, and the popsicles only come in one flavor! Low fat. Half the fat, half the flavor! Gyahahahahaha--! And Palmer.. I'm doing you a favor, fat-man!

But seriously.. Down to some very important business. Make sure you follow all of my instructions or Sector 5 gets it! Gyahahaha----!!!

Click here or Sector 5 gets it!!!Collapse )
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